North Coast streams and rivers are regulated by low flow closures. Always call ahead to determine the condition of the river you want to fish. If not mentioned, the river is closed or no reports. The DFG’s Low Flow Closure Hotline for north coast rivers is (707) 822-3164. For the Russian River and counties of Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin, call (707) 944-5533. South Central Coast streams number is (831) 649-2886. Many streams closed, and others change to artificial/barbless only on March 31 and others on April 25.

CHETCO RIVER, Ore.-It’s transition time here, with the king salmon winding down (but some real toad fish being caught) and the beginning of steelhead season. Since steelies can be kept here, and not at the Smith, locals are worried about a large impact on their fishery, according to WON Field Reporter Dave Pitts, who said some coho have been caught this past week, too. River conditions are staying great here with rains coming at good times, according to guide and WON Field Reporter Andy Martin, and fresh salmon are back in the river, along with steelies.

EEL RIVER, Main Stem-Way blown out.

EEL RIVER, South Fork-Darren Brown of Browns Sporting Goods in Garberville said the river was just fishable in the upper stretch around Piercy, but still muddy from Redway to Miranda but clearing fast. It’s been great fishing for big kings, catch-and-release using Little Cleos. “You can use treble hooks on the lure, as long as the lure is less than one ounce and its’ a non-buoyant lure,” Brown said.

ELK, SIXES RIVERS, Ore.- The Elk continues to produce kings for both bank and drift fisherman, according to WON Field Reporter Dave Pitts. Anglers fishing the bank under the 101 have been connecting on kings well into the mid 20-pound range. Drifters pulling plugs and back-bouncing roe or a sand shrimp/roe cocktail are seeing limits of bright Chinook action. The Elk and its neighbor the Sixes are two rivers that need to be targeted on they best flows. They are both small rivers and it does not take many boats to become crowded.

RUSSIAN RIVER-The river went a little muddy on Wednesday and Thursday, but it didn’t impact the river. Then snowmelt in the hills around Ukiah brought it up and colored it, according to Nick Wheeler of Kings Sport and Tackle in Guerneville. Sunday the river was fishable with a greenish tinge and 3 feet of visibility, but more snow was expected to color it up a little more. One boat floated Healdsberg area and hooked two steelies, another boat fished Steelhead Beach and caught a 12 pounder. “Monte Rio, Johnson’s and Cassini’s are all hit and miss,” Wheeler said. “There’s not a ton of fish coming through, but it’s early in the season.”

SMITH RIVER-Salmon fishing here has been hit-and-miss, according to WON Field Reporter and guide Phil Desautel of Phil’s Smiling Salmon Guide Service. “We had rain twice this week, and the first time the river came up six feet, then it dropped back out and yesterday (Saturday) it came up five feet,” said Desautel. “We are still catching bright chrome kings.” Last Wednesday Cooper Slovik landed a nice 31 pounder while his little brother Griffen Slovik from Hayward got a 27 pounder. On Sunday, Jeff Gunheiem from Port Arena landed a 26 -pound hen. “It as been a mixed bite with some back-bouncing eggs and some on Kwikfish. I saw a nice steelhead caught at the Covered Bridge.” Desautel said that as the snow melts and the water chills down, more steelhead will start showing. He plans to run combination trips starting next week for kings and steelies. According to WON Field Reporter Andy Martin, there have been some beautiful coho caught and released, too.


KLAMATH RIVER, Weitchpec-The storms over the weekend brought the Klamath up less than a foot, and was fishable to the mouth of the Trinity River by Sunday. Half-pounders and adults to 7 pounds were being caught on back-trolled crawdad plugs, nightcrawlers and roe. It’s been extremely cold. Steelhead, both big winter fish heading to the Trinity and its tributaries, and smaller steelhead which typically head up toward Iron Gate Dam, were heading upriver in the lower reaches of the Klamath below the mouth of the Trinity, but flows were still pretty high and very few anglers were on the water trying for them

TRINITY RIVER, Willow Creek-The river was fishable all the way to the mouth, and some nice steelhead were being hooked. Some of the best fishing at the mouths of tributaries like the South Fork. A wild steelhead estimated to weigh 17 pounds was caught there on a fly.

TRINITY RIVER, Douglas City-The fishing crowd taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend was largely disappointed with the poor fishing they encountered from Del Loma upstream to Lewiston. Fall steelhead numbers have been quite a bit lower than have been experienced recently, and the larger winter run steelhead have yet to show in any great numbers. Persistent anglers were working hard to hook a fish a day, and were lucky to hook more than one. Anglers who backtrolled Brad’s Wigglers and side-drifted roe did better than fly fishers, but the very low temperatures of last week made what fish are present lethargic and slow to bite.


AMADOR LAKE-Debbie Grayson at the store said the cold weather and Saturday’s rain has really slowed down the number of fishermen. Trout fishing was tougher, a few anglers getting a fish or two, and about half blanking. Power Bait, Rooster Tails and Kastmasters are still the big three. While crappie, bass and catfish action rated slow, one angler did hook a jumbo bluegill.

CAMANCHE LAKE-Good trout action and fair bass action with a few catfish still coming in. Louise Buie at Lake Camanche Recreation said limits of trout have been reported, one angler getting his five with a 5.62-pound kicker. Those fish hit nightcrawlers near the dam. Another angler fished from shore with Power Bait at the North Shore Day Use area for his limit. A bass tournament produced 12 limits for 41 anglers, with winning weight just under 12 pounds and a 3.26-pound big fish. Chicken liver scored an 8-pound catfish, and a bass guy caught a 6 pounder.

DON PEDRO RESERVOIR-Trolling for trout is a good bet now that the full moon is waning. The fish are up in the top 20 feet, and are cruising the shoreline, so bank anglers are starting to get some action. Bass fishing rated tough with the cold temps and weekend storm, but should pick up if the weather stabilizes.

LAKE McCLURE-The holiday helped boost the angler activity, with trout, bass and even a catfish reported caught. Diana Mello at A1 Bait said trout anglers caught limits fishing from shore at Horseshoe Bend with premium Pautkze salmon eggs. “They were the ones who had me bring the premium ones in,” she said. Other successes included a bass angler’s 5-fish limit that weighed 14 pounds caught on a white T1 spinnerbait. Jigs worked for another angler, and plastic worms and crawdads for yet another guy.

LAKE McSWAIN-Brandon George at the marina said bank anglers are getting fish with Power Bait, the hot colors the lighter ones. “White was best, but the guys I talked to who ran out of white used other light colors and did well,” said George. Top spots are the Brushpile and the marina point. One rental boat group fished Saturday in rainy conditions for 3 fish, all caught on nightcrawlers and flashers.

NEW HOGAN RESERVOIR-Winter has hit this lake hard, with striped bass action slow with the cold water temperatures, and few trying for the black bass and catfish. Trolling is now the top bet for linesides, shad and anchovies the best bait.

NEW MELONES RESERVOIR-Trout fishing improved for the shore anglers with some limits reported for anglers soaking baits and tossing lures. Favorite baits are Pautzke salmon eggs, Power Bait and nightcrawlers, while the top lures are Rooster Tails and Kastmasters. Black bass fishing is “consistent for smaller fish,” with vertical jigging Hopkins and P-Line spoons in coves a good way to put a few fish in the boat. Another good bet is drop-shotting shad colored plastic worms. Still some big catfish showing up, with a 16 pounder weighed in, that fish coming from Tuttletown.

TULLOCH RESERVOIR-Mixed results, with one angler doing well on two days, and finding lockjaw the rest of the week. Mike Kinsley at the boat rental dock tried on Sunday, but had no success. Cold water temperatures is the likely culprit, he said.


CLEAR LAKE-Get lucky here and you’ll find bass to 3 and 4 pounds on live bait. It was harder to put a limit together using artificials, though. Key in on rocks in areas such as Monitor, Wheeler, and Henderson points or docks that have a few rock scattered around the pilings.

LAKE BERRYESSA- Although the lake has turned, it has been fairly void of anglers so far. There has also been no big change in the bite. Most fish are still holding over deep creek channels leading into coves and the two main creeks at the north end.

UPPER BLUE LAKE-Very few anglers here now. The few here are trolling the middle of the lake with flashers and worms or a Kastmaster in the top 12 to 20 feet.


SACRAMENTO RIVER side-Both striper and sturgeon fishing was great with areas such as Liberty Island, in the Deep Water Channel and the Power Lines producing. Sherman Island Road was good for both for bank anglers. The Freeport and Cortland areas also produced limits and keepers. A variety of baits were also working much better than artificials.

SAN JOAQUIN RIVER side- Sturgeon and stripers were on a good bite in all the popular areas such as buoys 33 and 2 areas, but crowded. Try the Pump House below Pittsburg, and even down into the Cuts. The bait of choice has been eel and ghost combinations, with some reports coming in that roe has been more productive.


LAKE ALMANOR-After receiving another load of snow and cold weather the bite shut down and the Canyon Dam launch was not plowed. Winter/spring boat launching may be challenging. With work starting on the Canyon Dam project Dec. 6, the Forest Service boat launch will continue to be plowed throughout the winter and indeed it was this past week.

BAUM LAKE-There are lots of bugs on the water and cripples, midges, bwo’s with the clouds, and nymphs are taking fish. As usual, Power Bait, Power Eggs, and nightcrawlers are favorites. Brown or olive woolly buggers are fooling a few fish. Lure fishermen are sticking with Kastmasters for the most part. Catching should remain good here as the wet weather and cooler temperatures doesn’t affect the fish. ?

EAGLE LAKE-Both the north and middle basins are iced over leaving only shoreline fishing until the season closes December 31. Jigging from the shore is already producing some nice fish at the southern end.

FALL RIVER–Now only open to artificial lures with barbless hooks until next spring.

PIT RIVER-Pit 7 is open all year but Pit 3 down to Pit 7 is now only artificial lures with barbless hooks. The Pit 3 reach access is open during the day but still under construction during the nighttime hours. Head back in early to avoid problems. Test releases began at both Pit 3 and Pit 4 but scheduled increases have been gradual. ?

LAKE SHASTA-Both trout and bass anglers struggled but a few fish were possible. One problem (besides the cold) has been the lack of baitfish. Speedy Shiners in red/gold was a good bet for trout to 20 inches by the dam. Up in the Pitt Arm where a little more bait could be found was a better spot for a few bass, tossing topwater baits such as Spooks.


BOCA LAKE-The road is plowed to the dam, but the snow is deep around the lake. No one is fishing.

CAPLES LAKE-Several feet of snow have made this a tough place to reach for a day of shore fishing. Wait until the weather and roads are clear-more snow is forecast for mid-week. The Caples Lake Resort is closed until December 20, and the EID Boat Launching Facility is closed until spring.

CARSON RIVER (East)-Bitter cold-6-degree lows and 20-degree highs-and 2 1/2 feet of snow have made fishing unwise at best. Wait for the snow to melt and for access to improve.

DAVIS LAKE-The road to the lake is plowed to the dam and sometimes up Grizzly Rd to Mallard Point. The lake is starting to ice over but isn’t anywhere near thick enough to allow ice fishing. DO NOT attempt any ice fishing until the ice is declared safe by local experts. Too cold and snowy for any fishing reports.

DONNER LAKE-The access along the north side of the lake is plowed, but parking is an issue. The boat launch area can provide some parking if the county doesn’t pile snow there to keep the roads open. The boat ramp is NOT cleared.

FRENCHMAN LAKE-The road is plowed to the dam only. Shore fishing was reported to be good before this last snowstorm. The Forest Service roads around the lake will not be plowed.

GOLD LAKES BASIN-Snowed in and the roads are not plowed, making the lakes only accessible to snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. Last report until spring.

ICE HOUSE RESERVOIR-Snowed in, but SMUD plows the road to the ramp. Another storm this week may delay that.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR-4-wheel drive only or snowmobiles. Wait for the snow to clear or have chains on all 4 wheels.

JACKSON MEADOW RESERVOIR-Snowed in. This will be the last report until spring.

JENKINSON LAKE (Sly Park)-Three feet of snow kept boats from reaching the ramp, which had not been cleared by Sunday. Few shore anglers were hiking through the snow to get to the first dam for a chance at some planter rainbows.

LAKE TAHOE-When the weather allows, Mackinaw action has been good. Mickey Daniels at Big Mack Charters reported picking up 6 fish in 2 hours this past week. On Sunday, the wind was blowing 25 mph so he had to move into shallow water in Carnelian Bay and had 3 fish to 7 pounds trolling River2Sea jointed stickbaits. John Shearer at Tahoe Sportfishing reported steady action at the shelf off the Tahoe Keys on minnow/flasher combos for 3 to 5 pounders.

LOON LAKE-Snowed in from Wentworth Springs Road, which is now closed for the winter. The road is plowed from Hwy 50 by SMUD, but there is a lot of snow up here. More snow forecast mid-week.

PROSSER LAKE-The snow is deep around the lake and the road is only plowed up to a point near the dam. Anglers can walk 5 to 10 minutes to the shore and still find some open water, though there is a lot of ice already forming in the shallow areas.

PYRAMID LAKE-Wind and snow has made it tough to get out. Joe Mendes of Eagle Eye Charters made it out on Friday and landed 11 fish, 17 to 25 inches, trolling pearl/red, frog, and tui chub FlatFish at 17 to 25 feet deep. Weather is the key. The colder water temp will move the bigger fish into shallower water making them more accessible to shore anglers-lure casters and fly fishermen.

RED LAKE-Snowed in and there was a big avalanche near the lake at Red Mountain that had travelers on notice.

SILVER LAKE-Heavy snow here and the resorts are all closed. Hwy 89 is cleared by Caltrans and it might possibly plow some turn outs to allow access to the lake. There was a big avalanche west of Kirkwood that caused road closures. Wait for the weather and the roads to clear.

STAMPEDE RESERVOIR-Snowed in and only accessible by snowmobile. This will be the last report until spring.

TRUCKEE RIVER-Heavy snows have made access difficult due to the shortage of parking. The snowplows push the drifts high along the roadside making for little room to park. Some may be available near Hirshdale.

UNION VALLEY RESERVOIR-Snowed in. Only accessible via Pea Vine Ridge Road which still needs to be cleared and another storm is due mid-week.


BENICIA-Good sturgeon action mid-week died on the weekend, although a night fishing angler said his bite was still good. Grass shrimp, roe and eel are working for the sturgeon. Striped bass are still biting on the Firing Line, bullheads top bait if you can get ’em. Tony Lopez at Benicia Bait said the bullhead supply held up until Saturday, when they didn’t get their delivery.

BERKELEY-Scott Sutherland at Berkeley Sportfishing said the New Easy Rider, El Dorado and New El Dorado III are running crab combos, currently targeting in-bay halibut and striped bass along with the Dungeness crabs. “Limits of crab are easy,” said Sutherland. “We’re averaging 25 crabs per pot!” Shrimp is hit and miss, but the prawns are nice 6 to 7 inchers.

BODEGA BAY- Captain Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler tried to seek out some giant squid on Saturday, but about nine miles short of the Cordell Bank the weather got “too gnarly” and he had to turn back. “We still haven’t run our first giant squid trip yet this year,” said Powers. “We’ve got a trip planned for next Sunday, so maybe we’ll get things rolling!”

EMERYVILLE-“The fishing has been a little tough, but the crabbing is great,” said Craig Stone at Emeryville Sportfishing Center. “We’re getting a good grade of Dungeness, and there are plenty of them in the pots!” Examples included Friday’s trip on the New Huck Finn, when 24 anglers scored crab limits, but only one striped bass. “We should have live bait for awhile, probably through Christmas,” said Stone. The boats will continue with the crab combos until Jan. 1, then sturgeon should be on the menu.

EUREKA-Crabbing remained excellent when the weather allowed boats to get out. Both the Humboldt Bay sport fleet and the small boaters launching at Trinidad are getting Dungeness limits. Other than that, there’s not much going on in the saltwater.

FORT BRAGG-Captain Randy Thornton on the Telstar said crabbing is great, with limits the rule, at least until he had a full load on Saturday in evil weather. On Wednesday and Friday, 21 anglers scored 10-crab limits, but Saturday’s 27 anglers settled for 200 crabs. “We started to check the string a second time, but they had enough!” said Thornton. No news on giant squid.

HALF MOON BAY-Captain Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat said limits continued on the crab trips no matter the angler count. Additional options will be giant squid and sanddabs, if the weather ever settles down.

MARTINEZ-The Happy Hooker had some banner sturgeon days, with 12 keepers on Friday, and 8 on Saturday. The bite dropped off on Sunday, but 2 keepers still found baits for anglers on board. The action came from off PG&E and Chain Island on roe, eel or grass shrimp. In addition to the keepers, several shakers caught and released help keep the action on high.


AMERICAN RIVER-The River is only open to fishing below the Hwy 49 crossing and the weather has been too wet and cold for anyone to be out.

BULLARDS BAR-The lake is at 65-percent capacity. Snow has kept most anglers off the lake and no reports were available from Emerald Cove Resort. One Yolo angler reported that fishing for spots has been good for fish up to 5 pounds, though the last trip produced only 18 spots running 13 inches.

CAMP FAR WEST-The lake has come up to about 50-percent capacity due to the runoff from all the rain. The water is cold and muddy and fishing has been poor.

COLLINS LAKE-The rains brought the lake level up 3 feet. The fifth and final fall trout plant was made on November 24 and fishing has been very good for both shore anglers and trollers. Limits are common for shore anglers fishing at the dam, marina, the bridge, and the campgrounds with Power Bait. Trollers are doing well with flasher/worm combos in the top 15 feet. John English of Yuba City caught two 3 1/4 pounders and Shannon Sullivan of Marysville landed a 4 1/2-pound rainbow. Both anglers were fishing from the shore.

ENGLEBRIGHT RESERVOIR-The lake is at 96-percent capacity. Poor weather has kept most fishermen at home. One regular who trolls the marina has been picking up limits of rainbows in 4 hours using flasher/worm combos at 10 feet deep. One boater just drifted nightcrawlers in the marina and picked up a few fish.

FRENCH MEADOWS RESERVOIR-Snowed in until next spring. This will be the last report until the spring thaw.

FULLER LAKE-Snowed in. Unless good reports are forthcoming, this will most likely be the last report until spring.

HELL HOLE RESERVOIR-Snowed in until next spring. This will be the last report until the spring thaw.

LAKE OROVILLE-The lake is at 47-percent capacity. Jason Kincannon of Yolo landed a near lake record spotted bass-an 8 pounder-on a swimbait in the North Fork. Anglers pre-fishing for the upcoming AC team tournament have reported a wide-open bass bite but are being tight lipped with any specifics. Coho are driving the drop-shotters nuts if they find bait schools bunched up on the main body points in 30 to 60 feet of water. There might be an early reaction bite for bass, too.

ROLLINS LAKE-The lake is running over the spillway. Trout to 2 1/2 pounds have been hitting at the Bear River inlet. There was some bass action reported at the dam for anglers using Power Worms. Shore fishing at Long Ravine Resort has been dead.

SCOTT’S FLAT LAKE-Lots of snow on the ground here, but the roads into the resort and to the boat ramp have been plowed. Power outages caused by the snow and wind have crippled the area. Wait until the area has a chance to recover from the storm.

SUGAR PINE RESERVOIR-Lots of snow making access a problem. The road to the lake is plowed by the county, but the roads into the parking lot are not. It’s best to have 4-wheel drive.

STUMPY MEADOWS RESERVOIR-Lots of snow and ice on the road to the lake and the county stops plowing at Quintet. 4-wheelers have the only chance at getting to the lake and a cartop boat could easily be put in the water for some trolling. No fishing reports were available from the Georgetown Ranger Station due to the poor weather.

THERMOLITO AFTERBAY-Cold wind and rain has kept most anglers at home. No reports were available from any sources.


AMERICAN RIVER-The first salmon season for the American River in 3 years closed Sunday with a whimper, with very few catches reported. In fact, salmon fishing had been poor for most of the season except for the first couple of weeks. As, J.D. Richey quipped, “I don’t think we hurt the population much.” Fishing for mostly small steelhead was pretty good for fly fishers dead-drifting egg imitations and caddis nymphs under indicators and swinging steelhead streamers. Spin, and conventional fishermen were scoring on drifted nightcrawlers, and swinging spinners or backtrolling plugs–at least until flows increased to 7,000 cfs.

FEATHER RIVER-Steelhead fishing slowed, but some were still being caught in the Low Flow Section by stealthy, and patient anglers. The main river below the Outlet slowed even more. Fly fishers fishing with egg imitations and nymphs under indicators, were hooking a few, mostly small steelies, but egg imitations have gone to paler colors because salmon spawning has all but ended. Spin fishermen are scoring on roe, Glo-Bugs, small spinners and mini-crawlers. Cover lots of water, use light gear, and use a quiet approach.

FOLSOM LAKE-Bass fishing was a slow affair, both in approach and success rates. The lake is fluctuating a bit daily as dam operators adjust outflows to maintain required flood space. Use your fish finder to locate bait concentrations of bait along edges of submerged creek channels leading into coves a little ways up into the North and South Forks. He said most fish are around 25 feet deep, and fishing with spoons, and drop-shotted Robo-Worms in Morning Dawn and salt and pepper were providing the most success. A few king salmon in the 2-to 3-pound range were being caught by very few anglers trolling in front of the dam and Dyke 8 with nightcrawlers behind blades, small Rapalas in Hot Steel, Speedy Shiners, and Needlefish. Topline with one rod and try the other between 30 and 40 feet deep.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento-Fishing for striped bass was still pretty good in the Deep Water Channel by trolling Yo Zuri’s and Rebels, jigging, and drifting minnows. A few were caught by bank fishermen soaking bloodworms and mudsuckers. Striper fishing on the main river in Sacramento proper continued to be slow, but a few nice fish were reported from around Verona.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Hamilton City-Anglers who were patient and willing fish long hours found some good salmon fishing from Tisdale up to Hamilton City. The river rose a bit in the storms, and there were leaves and debris to avoid, but hookups varied from a couple, up to 5. Boaters should use extra care in the fog. e careful light, but those who war out did well in spite of wind and rain.


MONTEREY-Plenty of sanddabs and crabs, but between the holiday and the weather, angler interest was low. “We had three combo trips, and had lots of sanddabs, and plenty of crabs,” said Chris Arcoleo at Chris’ Sportfishing. “We haven’t tried squid yet,” but it’s in the plans. “We normally start getting giant squid in mid-December,” he said.

MOSS LANDING-The Kahuna is starting giant squid trips this week, weather permitting.

SANTA CRUZ-Captain Jim Rubin on the Becky Ann said there is still no shortage of crabs, with the pots packed with Dungeness. He went looking for giant squid, but didn’t find any. On board the Velocity out of Stagnaro’s Charters, the sanddab fishing was good considering on Saturday. The 11 anglers on board caught 15 to 20 fish each. “It rained the entire trip. The guys who stayed on the rail caught plenty of ‘dabs, but some guys gave up because they were soaked,” said Captain Ken Stagnaro. “We found ’em nine miles south of Santa Cruz, in the same spot we always find them.”


CONTRA LOMA RESERVOIR-Regular trout plants kept trout anglers fairly happy resulting in catches from a couple of trout to limits, with the Boat Ramp producing many of the better catches. Fish with Power Bait, Power Eggs, nightcrawlers and Power Worms, alone and in various combinations.

LAFAYETTE RESERVOIR-Trout fishing was outstanding again last week, and anglers caught quite a few limits. Most of the action was on bait, and anglers fishing from shore were urged to cast as far out as they could. Fish the south end of the lake continued to be the top spot, and were many of the docks, including the L-dock, the docks in the east side of the reservoir, and docks along the south shoreline. Fishing for catfish continued to be pretty good, too, on chicken livers and mackerel.

LAKE CHABOT-Trout fishermen continued to catch lots of limits and near limits along with quite a few whoppers on bait and trolling. Trollers toplined Kastmasters and J-7 Rapalas in blue and silver and rainbow in Half Moon Bay, Honker Bay and Raccoon Point. Bait fishermen did well at the Burner, Raccoon Point, and Indian Cove.

LAKE DEL VALLE-Anglers continued to catch lots of limits of trout along with lots of whoppers. Trollers toplined in front of the dam with Rapalas and Kastmasters, and bait fishermen drifting in the cove to the left of the dam (facing it), the Swim Beach, and East Beach. Some catfish and bass continued to be caught, as well. Get on the water early, because it’s crowded.

LOS VAQUEROS RESERVOIR-No change from last week. Fishing was slow and anglers were limited as to where they could fish, because the reservoir is being drawn down for repairs. Shore fishing remains open on the south side of the reservoir near the marina, but the piers at the marina are closed. Fishing is very limited on the north side of the lake, and access from the dam viewing area is closed, and shore fishing is only accessible by a long and steep trail.

PARKWAY LAKE- Trout fishing was outstanding last week, and most anglers caught their limits while very few went home empty-handed. The best fishing has been on the Peninsula, East Handicap Area, and East Side. However, the trout haven’t moved around to the back side of the lake yet, because the plants have been on the front side. Catfish continued to be caught off the Peninsula. Hours will are now 6:30 a.m. to sunset Thursday through Monday.

QUARRY LAKES-Trout fishing was outstanding once again, and many anglers caught their limits. Fish along Fishermen’s Row, the Peninsula, and to the left of the beach all producing on Power Bait, Power Eggs, nightcrawlers and Kastmasters. The back side of Horseshoe Lake was producing for trollers.

SHADOW CLIFFS RESERVOIR-Trout plants have started and trout fishing was very good, with quite a few limits being caught. Fish First Dock and Stanley Dock.

SOUTH BAY LAKES-Bass fishing at Anderson was so-so with anglers working their lures deeper, drop-shotted Robo-Worms in Morning Dawn and salt and pepper. Also jigs. Fishing at Calero slowed, but a few nice bass to 5 pounds were being caught on jigs, drop-shotted and Carolina-rigged plastic worms.

BASS LAKE-A few kayak and float tubes, bass and a few crappie. Only way, can’t launch with 4×4 complete off the face of the dam. Crappie are huge, 1 ½ pound apiece.
COURTRIGHT RESERVOIR-Gate is locked and it’s history until spring.

EASTMAN LAKE-A little better bass bite, with fish to 3 pounds. Look for maybe 15 to 25 bass, mainly on jigs. A few dropshot fish are being caught, and the average guy gets 5 or 6 per rod, using brown, brown and purple or some variation. Trout anglers suddenly showed up here, they must have read WON last week. There are lots of bankies using Power Bait and Firebait and catching them.

EDISON LAKE-The gate is closed at Kaiser Pass, and there’s a ton of snow up here. Over for the year.

HENSLEY LAKE- Bass fishing is terrible, but word got out about the DFG trout plants, and there are plenty of trout anglers on shore, and some trolling for ’em.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR-Four feet of snow here has the lake on shut down. The water level is dropping quickly. Fishing is expected to be good between the storms for shore anglers.

MILLERTON RESERVOIR-Water level is coming up, and bass anglers can look for a 5-fish limit of maybe 6 1/2 to 10 pounds. It’s mostly jig fish here, with some on plastics with drop-shot or a darthead, and a few on swimbaits. There was a 3-pound spot caught this past week.

PINE FLAT RESERVOIR-Merritt Gilbert of Valley Rod and Gun says he may have been wrong last week saying the lake has turned over, it appears to have not done that yet. Bait is not as plentiful as last week. Quite a few little bass available, and five fish might amount to a 7- or 9-pound limit. Work 15 to 30 feet on the bottom with jigs and plastics in shad color, from Trimmer to the dam…there’s nothing upriver. All bottom fish.

SAN LUIS/O’NEILL FOREBAY-The Forebay is still kicking out stripers from 17 to 30 inches for anglers using cut baits like anchovies, and on flukes and a very few on Zara spooks. The main lake is rough to fish in the wind except from shore, and there are biggers stripers coming out of here.

SHAVER LAKE-The lake is 150 feet from the edge of the concrete ramp at Sierra Marina, and the entire area is snow-covered. Forget launching boats unless the snow melts, and even if it does, you will only be able to get an aluminum boat in with 4×4. Shore anglers have to trudge a long ways through the snow to even get to the lake, but there are undoubtedly some good trout to be had for those who try. We’ll have an update on the dam work and future of the fish in next issue,

WISHON LAKE-The gate is closed for the season at Dinky Creek.